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God's Word (Holy Bible) is used as the basis or corner stone for all of the following.


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An introduction to the Smart-Flock family



The core beliefs of the Smart-Flock family



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Lessons in Life

Learning to ride horses correctly while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lessons in Life



Bible Research Classes

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Establishing Research Basics - This 100 series class will teach you research techniques that are focused on God's Word. You will also be introduced to a base line level of knowledge best suited for research into God's Word, incorporating the following 5 levels of knowledge:

  • Who God is
  • God's Method of Communication with His Created People
  • God's Creation
  • Minimum Requirement to be Eternally Connected to God
  • Research Tools and Techniques

God's World View Analyzed - This 200 series class is based on Rick Warren and Charles Colson DVD Wide Angle, Framing Your Worldview. In this series you will learn to establish the foundation required to withstand the attacks on your belief system.

  • My World Matters
  • How do we know what is True?
  • Where Do We Come From?
  • It's a messed Up World
  • What is the Solution?
  • What Do I Do Now?
  • Sharing our Faith With Others

Defending Your Faith - This 300 series class is tied to Lee Strobel's book The Case For Christ and will take your defense to the next level. In this series we flip it around and very affectively prosecute the non-believers for their lack of evidence.

  • Proving that the Holy Bible is God's Word
  • Analyzing Jesus
  • Analyzing Jesus' Resurrection
  • Exploring other aspects of God's Holy bible